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Software Development Kit

Available for free at Microsoft web site. See changelog for details on individual releases.

Version Build Published Size Link
4.1 4.1.2821.0 7/19/2010 13.6 MB
4.1 last beta refresh 4.1.2722.0 6/30/2010 13.6 MB (archived copy)
4.1 beta refresh 4.1.2649.0 6/10/2010 13.6 MB (archived copy)
4.1 public beta 4.1.2459.0 5/18/2010 13.5 MB (archived copy)
4.0 4.0.1681.0 11/15/2009 12.3 MB
4.0 additional refresh 4.0.1496.0 10/12/2009 12.4 MB (archived copy)
4.0 beta refresh 4.0.1428.0 9/24/2009 12.5 MB (archived copy)
4.0 public beta 4.0.1219.0 8/31/2009 12.4 MB (archived copy)
3.0 3.0.7186.0 10/24/2008 10.8 MB
3.0 Release Candidate 0 3.0.5071.0 10/7/2008 12.3 MB Installer Wanted!
3.0 beta 2 3.0.2968.0 6/25/2008 11.3 MB Installer Wanted!
2.5 v2.5.0.0 3/6/2008 8.8 MB
2.0 SP1 v2.0.3036.1 9/17/2007 7.5 MB
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Porting Kit

Available for free at Microsoft web site. Includes source code for SDK.

Version Platform Published Size Link
4.1 * 7/19/2010 49.7 MB
4.1 Cryptography * 7/19/2010 464 kB
4.1 Network ARM 7/19/2010 146.3 MB
4.1 Network Thumb 7/19/2010 146.1 MB
4.1 Network Thumb2 7/19/2010 145.9 MB
4.1 Network SH2/A 7/19/2010 16.4 MB
4.0 * 11/15/2009 39.4 MB
4.0 Cryptography ARM 11/15/2009 547 kB
4.0 Network ARM 11/15/2009 146.4 MB
4.0 Network Thumb 11/15/2009 146.1 MB
4.0 Network Thumb2 11/15/2009 146.0 MB
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Rob Miles' Journal
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application/msword Microsoft .NET Micro Framework Whitepaper (550 kB)
An introductional document about the technology. A bit outdated, but still contais detailed information about implementation details of HAL and CLR and differences from .NET Framework. The licencing information is not up to date.
application/pdf Porting the .NET Micro Framework (467 kB)
Describes the general process of porting the technology either on your own hardware, or to an operating system. It discusses the .NET Micro Framework architecture from the porting point of view and the main purpose of this document is to give you an idea what the porting is about and whether it is really what you need.
application/pdf Introducing Devices Profiles for Web Services (373 kB)
For 2.5 version only: A short introduction to DPWS and description of its implementation in the .NET Micro Framework 2.5. Contains a summary of the libraries and some basic examples in C#, on how to create a simple service, send and receive requests, attach handlers to events or how to deal with exceptions. Not of much use for newer framework versions, unfortunately no document update was published yet.
application/pdf EDK Steb-By-Step Guide (6.7 MB)
First comprehensive literature about .NET Micro Framework available on the internet for free. It was created by Sean Liming as a manual to the iPac-9302 board, but it's worthy reading even when you are using another hardware. It contains an introduction to the SDK, working with GPIOs, emulator, SPI and other ports, network, extended weak references and also a short summary of the C# language. Hardware specific topics include ADC, PWM and 555. All this on over 200 pages with lots of practical examples, continuously updated. The document is no longer available directly, you can find it in the EDK firmware package.
application/pdf Beginners Guide to C# and .NET Micro Framework (2.7 MB)
The second but no less valuable piece was written by Gus Issa from GHI Electronics, targetting the complete beginners. It goes into more details about C# basics and syntax, interleaving the chapters with examples directly from .NET Micro Framework. Due to the hardware differences from SJJ board, this paper adds chapters about I2C, SD cards and file system, network and USB client. GHI is popular for their custom implementation of missing features, so it is no surprise to see examples also to USB host, several displays, analogue I/O, 1-Wire® or CAN. And checking the missing topics list, there is still more to look for in the future!


Expert .NET Micro Framework, Second Edition
Jens Kühner, $56.18
Published: 9/4/2009
ISBN: 978-1430223870
Book cover

Second edition of successfull Jens' book, updated for .NET Micro Framework version 3.0. New boards were added to the hardware overview and some new chapters added cover XML (xml reading, web services and MfSvcUtil), working with threads (thread priorities and threading in WPF) and new .NET Micro Framework 3.0 features (mass storage, touch and inking, including emulator support, SSL). You will also for example find how to use multiple I2C devices or how to use some of the new C# 3.0 language features. (source codes)

Expert .NET Micro Framework
Jens Kühner, $51.99
Published: 4/21/2008
ISBN: 978-1590599730
Book cover

Comprehensive and de facto the only intermediate/advanced book about .NET Micro Framework in the time of version 2.5. The source codes are available for download. You will learn not only about the basics of the framework, but some advance topics as well - like localization, web services, cryptography, serialization, emulator components... altogether on more than 400 pages with hard cover.

Embedded Programming with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework
Donald Thompson, Rob S. Miles, $29.24
Published: 6/20/2007
ISBN: 978-0735623651
Book cover

The very first book introducing the .NET Micro Framework. It covers basics of the framework and development process, the networking (these days availably only in emulator or by third party), and also the possibilities of user interface quite in depth. Then there is a chapter about Windows SideShow with some examples and introduction to the emulators and their creation. From the bigger samples let's mention Roomba iRobot or parsing GPS data. There are also some tips how to increase the code performance.

USB Complete: Everything You Need to Develop Custom USB Peripherals
Jan Axelson, $32.97
Published: 8/1/2005
ISBN: 978-1931448024
Book cover

This book contains everything you need to know as USB device developers. It describes how USB works, transfer types, device classes, descriptors, power management and even desktop drivers development. Although quite advanced book, it is suitable for beginners as well.

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