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If you know about any hardware which should definitely be here, or if you see any delusions, write me and I will correct it. Prices are rounded.

Production Modules

Everything what has the processor inside is considered to be a module here.

Discontinued products:

Current products:

For an overview of their features and differences, see the big comparison table.

Expected products:

Others and specialized products:

These modules are either intended for specialized applications, or I do not have enough info about them to include them in mainstream products for developers. If you do have and want to share, let me know.

Development Boards

Discontinued products:

Current products:

The board comparison table will be available later.

Expected products:

Others and specialized products:

Extensions & Accessories

Consumer Products

.NET Micro Framework is slowly reaching the consumer market as well. Here are the first products available (exluding SideShow displays only and devices with MSN Direct service, which is not available in Europe):

inthinc waySmart 820.png waySmart™ 820 RTS

Price: don't know
Manufacturer: inthinc
The one system smart enough to create immediate, dramatic changes in the driving behavior of your fleet while also providing your business with tremendous control and quick ROI. All powered by industry innovations including in-cab mentoring, Speed By Street™, waySmart™ Zones and an SAE J211-compliant crash data recorder. The handheld unit is built using .NET Micro Framework.

Microsoft has published document (PDF, 539 kB) introducing these products, as well as other concepts and prototypes shown at Nuremberg exhibition in 2008.

Porting to your own hardware

If you want to use some native code or have the .NET Micro Framework on your own processor, you have to port it there. You will need the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit for this task, which is now (starting version 4.0) available for free at Microsoft Download Center, see the Links section. There are practically two tasks you might want to handle:

Interop with native code

In this case, you just need to add some feature to the existing framework requiring native code, perhaps some unsupported hardware access, or just some fast computation. Unfortunately, dynamic loading and binding of native code is not supported at this time. Adding interop native code requires creation of a custom image. Typically you need a BSP (board support package) from your hardware vendor, create a managed interface to the native code you would like to add, generate native stubs from it using Visual Studio, implement them in native code and build new HAL/PAL using the native platform compiler. Then you can call your method using [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.InternalCall)] attribute. Check the Tutorials section for a walkthrough.

Completely new hardware

In such case, good luck to you! :-) You will need to verify if support exists for your platform (e.g. ARM), and then use the Solution Wizard included in the Porting Kit to create a new solution or derive from existing sample. Follows the implementation of HAL and/or PAL functions for BSP and building it using the native platform compiler. Since everything is now open source, there are no fees to pay and you can sell your devices right now. If you let me know, I will mention your products on this page!

For porting kit related questions, try the forums at, or see the NNTP archive of the microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.microframework.porting news group, eventually there used to be a possibility to write directly to

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