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You can place your technical questions, bug reports and product change proposals to forums at the site. Apart from me, there are experienced people monitoring it and willing to help, including some directly from the .NET Micro Framework team. If you ask directly me and I won't know the answer, we will most probably close the personal discussion posting it there. The NNTP archive of all comunity questions and answers from the former microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.microframework group is available here at the news server.


You can freely contact me at

However, keep in mind that:

Instant messaging

Feel free to try it! :) However, keep in mind I'm in GMT+01:00 time zone...


Official team contact

If you think you really need to contact the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework team directly, try the contact form on their blog.

Note, there is a special address for porting kit and/or business related information: