.NET Micro Framework: Small is Beautiful
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Volume 1, Number 2

December 2007
Native TCP/IP, DPWS coming in v2.5
Updated SDK to be released in early 2008
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework v2.5 is on the way! This release focuses on making it easier to build networked devices. Our hardware partners have received a beta release of the v2.5 porting kit and are readying compatible firmware for their devices and development boards. Here's a brief look at two major features you can expect in v2.5 -- check out our Technical Articles below for more details on each. And keep an eye out for this release in early 2008.

Native TCP/IP Networking
In the past, the easiest way to support networking in a .NET Micro Framework device has been to call through to an underlying operating system with sockets support. .NET Micro Framework v2.5 includes a native TCP/IP stack that's available even when running directly on the hardware; device makers need only provide a driver for the network interface. This will result in the eventual availability of a wider selection of network-capable hardware development platforms for developers to choose from. Application developers can use this stack using the same Sockets interface already available in v2.0.

Devices Profile for Web Services
Our last newsletter mentioned DPWS, the Devices Profile for Web Services. DPWS, sometimes called Web Services on Devices (WSD), is a Web Services profile that makes it easier for networked devices to discover each other, exchange information, and share functionality. It's built into Windows Vista and is part of the Windows Rally technology set. (You can read more about it in the DPWS white paper.) A DPWS technology preview is a part of the .NET Micro Framework v2.5 SDK, to be made available in early 2008. The DPWS libraries are managed assemblies that you link into your application, so they won't take up any space on your device if you don't use them.

This newsletter reflects Microsoft's release plans for .NET Micro Framework v2.5 as of the time it was written and should not be taken as a guarantee of feature set or availability date.

Technical Articles
SocketClient, Meet SocketServer
With .NET Micro Framework v2.5, it's easier than ever for devices to support TCP/IP networking. That means it's a great time to discover the basics of writing network clients and servers using the Socket class. Plus, get an update to the sample code.

Introducing DPWS
Learn how to use the DPWS libraries in the upcoming .NET Micro Framework v2.5 to create Web services and clients for your small devices. In no time, you'll be exchanging messages with the DPWS-enabled devices on your network.
Upcoming Trade Shows
Embedded World, February 26-28
Exhibition Centre, Nuremburg
Microsoft's Jim Mateer will discuss the .NET Micro Framework DPWS implementation and the steps required to build your own device profile in a .NET Micro Framework application.

ESC China March 3-4, 10-11
Shenzhen and Shanghai
International IC China (IIC) 2008 will be the largest in the event's 13-year history, and the Embedded Systems Conference is a big part of it. Look for us there with Microsoft's other embedded offerings.

Happy Holidays from Microsoft
The .NET Micro Framework team wishes you and yours a joyous and prosperous 2008.
News & Notes
SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions is now shipping its low-cost .NET Micro Framework development kit. Info

John Leier of Digi International has an introduction to the .NET Micro Framework in ECN Magazine.Read

CodeGuru's Bradley Jones takes "a first look" at the .NET Micro Framework. Read

.NET Micro Framework ported to Atmel AT91SAM9 and NXP LPC2000/LPC3180. Atmel PR - NXP PR

EmbeddedFusion has released Meridian firmware and a Tahoe SDK for .NET Micro Framework v2.0 SP1. Download

New .NET Micro Framework Sample Code posted. Presentation - Temperature

Tony Pitman hooks an actual temperature sensor up to the Temperature sample code. Read

Pavel Bánský posts multi-byte GPIO classes on his blog. MultiOutputPort - MultiInputPort

Keep an eye out for Jens KĂźhner's new book from Apress, Expert .NET Micro Framework.Info

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Our next newsletter will be published in March 2008. Thanks for reading!
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