.NET Micro Framework
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Volume 1, Number 4

July 2008
.NET Micro Framework v3.0 Beta Announced!

If you've been reading our blog or newsgroup, you probably already knew that version 3.0 of the .NET Micro Framework is well along in development. You also may have already read descriptions of some of the new features in 3.0. But if you wanted to get your hands on an early version of the SDK so you could start to use the new stuff, you were out of luck...until now.

Download the Beta
To encourage participation in our beta program, we are offering all participants a chance to win a cool new RicaVision VAVE100 universal remote control (shown below) worth almost $350! The beta program is open to everybody – so spread the word among your friends and colleagues today. Go to our site to see full details of the offer and to sign-up.
• Go to http://connect.microsoft.com/netmf
• Login to Connect using a Live ID account
• Answer a short survey to help us better understand our users
• Download the SDK, browse the newsgroups, provide feedback
RicaVision VAVE100

New Features in Version 3.0
With this newsletter we're announcing the open beta program for the .NET Micro Framework v3.0 SDK. Version 3.0 adds a lot of the cool stuff you've asked for, including:

• Interop and native code linking
• Touch screen and inking/gesturing support
• USB device
• SSL (secure sockets) for the TCP/IP stack
• Visual Studio 2008 support
• DPWS (Devices Profile for Web Services), including new codegen tools
• 4bpp font support
• Enhanced and more compatible serial/UART model
File system*
802.11 Wi-Fi infrastructure*
Support for more cores and processor architectures*
Publicly available Porting Kit for purchase* (separate product not included with the SDK)
(Features noted with * will not be available in the first public beta)

The version 3.0 SDK and Porting Kit are each expected to ship later this calendar year.

Hardware Support for the Beta
Device Solutions has announced support for their Tahoe development kit during the v3.0 beta and GHI Electronics has announced support for their USBizi and Embedded MultiMaster development kits with the v3.0 beta.

Feature Articles
Pavel Bansky has written a great series of six articles showing how to create a robot powered by hardware running .NET Micro Framework. The robot is controlled by a ZigBee wireless remote running on a second .NET Micro Framework platform. Find the series here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Upcoming Events
Embedded Systems Conference - East 2008, October 26-30
Boston, MA

Microsoft PDC 2008, October 27-30
Los Angeles, CA

Tech-Ed Developers EMEA, November 10-14
Barcelona, Spain

Community News
Steve Maillet explains why interop is one of the coolest features in .NET Micro Framework v3.0 and why you need to know more about it. Go

GHI Electronics announces the USBizi -- a single chip solution running .NET Micro Framework using only on-chip resources! USBizi includes SPI, I2C, 4 UARTS, ADC, DAC, PWM, USB Host, and more, running on a 72MHz NXP ARM7 processor Details

Carlo Mendoza shows how to do data acquisition with SPI in .NET Micro Framework. Read

Device Solutions has started shipping a Ethernet module for the Tahoe development board. Get it

Igor Grebnev from the .NET Micro Framework development team does a deep dive on threading in .NET Micro Framework. Read

Pavel Bansky describes how to control servo motors using .NET Micro Framework. Go

Visit our newsgroup to join the community and make some news of your own!

More resources
Visit us at MSDN
Download SDK v2.5
Join the v3.0 SDK beta
Our newsgroup
Our team blog
Evaluate Visual Studio 2008

Our next newsletter will be published this fall. (Spring in the southern hemisphere.) Thanks for reading!
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