.NET Micro Framework Version 3.0
Quarterly Newsletter
Volume 1, Number 5

November 2008
Version 3.0 Launched
Boosts secure connectivity, adds native code interoperability
We formally launched Version 3.0 of the .NET Micro Framework at the Embedded Systems Conference (Boston) on October 28. For those of you who couldn't make it to the conference, here is a summary of the cool new features this version adds:
Enhanced secure connectivity. .NET Micro Framework version 3.0 features new connectivity support, including Wi-Fi integration, Universal Serial Bus support, Web Services for Devices, secure sockets layer and support for a file system compatible with FAT32.
Extended hardware choices. Enhancements include interoperability with native code allowing direct access to hardware, reduction in the minimum footprint to 64K RAM, a more accessible and easier-to-use porting kit, support for the Analog Devices Blackfin processor family, and ARM Thumb and Thumb-2 instruction sets.
Increased productivity. A fully integrated development experience with both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual C# 2008 Express Edition — along with interoperability — provides developers with powerful debugging and emulation capabilities and a more flexible migration path for .NET developers and those with existing native code modules.
Additional user interface options. Touch and gesture support enable development of more interactive and capable device applications.
"With the .NET Micro Framework, device-makers are finding it easier than ever to bring new, compact devices to market quickly,” says Rob Enderle, a leading industry analyst.

Read more about .NET Micro Framework Version 3.0 at our recently updated website.

Have you submitted your entry yet?
Round 1 deadline for the developer challenge is Dec 15

The deadline for Round 1 of the Microsoft Dare to Dream Different challenge is fast approaching. So if you haven't submitted your entry yet, please make sure you do it today. It takes less than 10 minutes to enter an idea and you can submit as many as you want.

So don't miss a chance to create your dream device and win $101,000 in prizes!

Do you dream of a world where thermostats use weather forecasts to save energy and refrigerators reorder groceries? Would you like to bring your dream devices to life with the power of our easy to use tools? Through the Microsoft Dare to Dream Different challenge, we invite you to show us what your dream device is all about and bring it to reality using the .NET Micro Framework. Learn more

Porting Kit only $599.95 for limited time

To encourage faster adoption of version 3.0, we are current offering the Porting Kit for a promotional price of only $599.95.

If you have been considering creating a new device and have already downloaded our SDK, make sure you take advantage of this limited time offer. Get your Porting Kit today
Are you an MSDN subscriber?

Some of our partners would like to see our Porting Kit included in their MSDN subscription.

Are you currently an MSDN subscriber or would you consider becoming one if the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit were available there? Tell us what you think

Our Developer Contest booth gets the Editor's Choice award at Maker Faire. Read more

Version 3.0 generating excitement and interest among the developer community. Read more

Jim Mateer talks with the Canucks about .NET Micro Framework and the ultimate donut machine. Watch now

Ever wonder how you can send emails using .NET Micro Framework? Read how Pavel does it

Pavel Bansky's method for alphanumeric LCD displays using only 3 GPIO pins. Read more

Tahoe II development board, which we will be providing free in Round 2 of the developer contest, is now officially available from Device Solutions. Read more

Visit our newsgroup to join the community and make some news of your own!

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