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I'm trying to collect both questions and answers from online community around, as well as trying to answer myself if possible. If you find any mistakes, including grammatical ones, I encourage you to report them!
I know this FAQ list is rather outdated. I will update it when I come across any newer questions. If you feel there is a FAQ I don't have here, let me know.

Discussion groups

Once upon a time, there was a microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.microframework discussion group hosted at Microsoft servers. However, Microsoft stopped all NNTP groups this year, and without any replacment in the case of .NET Micro Framework. Over the past few years I have managed to archive couple of posts in the group and all are now available and running on my own, for-this-purpose-written NNTP server at I am sure I miss some, especially the first posts – if you happen to have them, contact me and I will be happy to upload them as well. Note: Posting is allowed on this server. I do monitor it and will try to answer any questions I am able to, but very likely no one from the .NET Micro Framework team does so any longer. Official support replacement are forums at the site. On the other side, having our own server allows us to create more specialized groups or introduce additional features. Your ideas are, as always, welcomed!

The experimental RSSRSS feed from the discussion group was redirected to the new server. Still feel free to try, but still no warranties, may be removed or modified without notice.

And this is a RSSRSS feed from the forums. Enjoy!

General one: Why is X not implemented?

James Webster The simple answer to all these questions is that X was not needed for the original watch project and was not included to reduce the footprint. As we move forward, the MF team keeps an ear out for things that our customers need (or find anoying) and fix them if it isn't a significat impact to size. If you can provide a specific example of what you need to do, we can either help with a work around or track a bug internally to investigate it.