.NET Micro Framework Version 3.0
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Volume 2, Number 1

February 2009
v.Next Planning in full swing
Feature survey closes February 17
Have you provided your inputs to our v.Next planning process yet? If you haven't, make sure you take the feature survey today!
Planning for the next version of the .NET Micro Framework is currently in full swing. Through the new version, we aim to further build upon the Framework's core strengths as a capable, securely connected, and productive embedded environment. Here's a high-level list of feature areas that are being considered:
Device diagnostics / updating
Processor support
Productivity improvements
Protocol support
Hardware security
User interface
Click here to learn more about the specific features being considered or to tell us about your favorite feature.
We really appreciate the valuable inputs and feedback we receive from industry thought leaders like you. Thanks in advance for your participation in this process!

d2dd contest   
100 new Prototype Devices being developed
Can 100 different development teams, with varying skill levels, create working prototypes of cool new devices in 2.5 months using the .NET Micro Framework?

The Dare to Dream Different contest is as much a challenge for the .NET Micro Framework as it is for the contestants.

Stop by our Facebook discussion forum to hear the latest buzz on the contest. And while you are there, make sure to post a cool tip to help our contestants better navigate "the Framework".

What is your Biggest Challenge in 2009?
A recently published Forrestor report identifies efficiency and cost reduction as the two key strategies that companies are leveraging to weather the current economic storm. Projects are being scrutinized for ROI and frequently, a smaller staff is forced to make hard decisions about where to put resources.

In this changed economic climate, companies are increasingly looking at solutions like .NET Micro Framework to reduce their development costs, improve operational efficiencies, and achieve greater product differentiation through innovation.

This increased interest in the .NET Micro Framework is evidenced by the substantial increase in website visits, SDK downloads, and business inquiries we have seen in the past couple of months.

So, why not send us an email today to discuss how we can help you and your business succeed in 2009?

Read Colin's detailed blog article on this topic

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Do you need the Porting Kit? Warren Dent demystifies the process in his latest blog article.

Using GCC tools with the Ver 3.0 Porting Kit. Read Stefan Schmidt's blog

Ver 3.0 firmware now available from GHI and Device Solutions

USB sample driver in Ver 3.0 Porting Kit. Jeff Simon explains how to build it

Extending .NET run time libraries with custom interop code to call into native (C/C++) code. Steve Maillet's blog post on how to do it

Getting started with DPWS (Web Services) in Ver 3.0. Jim Mateer's short tutorial

Documentation update for Ver 3.0 SDK now available here

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