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For case you are going to ask: .NET Micro Framework natively supports only UART, SPI and I²C as for standards, and only Button as a device sitting on the GPIO. For most of other protocols like Bluetooth, CAN, RFID, ZigBee, ZigWave and many many others there are standalone integrated circuits available, which can communicate over one of the supported serial interface. This is usual answer to such question so it could save you some time if you look for such chip before asking.

1-Wire Bus

Unfortunately, the write speed in managed code is not fast enough to implement this interface. See Pavel's blog for more details.

Steve Maillet Pavel's analysis is correct. The performance of bit toggling at the managed code level is not sufficient for implementing the 1-wire protocol. It is possible to implement that in native code and expose it via a "virtual Serial port". If Microsoft officially supports a cleaner interop scenario in the future that would be the way to go. You can contact sales at EmbeddedFusion dot com to discuss your project and see if it's worth creating a native code implementation or if it's cheaper to just use an I2C -> 1Wire converter.


Although most of the development boards come with USB port, this is used only for deployment. Neither USB devices nor USB host functionality is currently supported by .NET Micro Framework, unless the porter implemented it for you. First such board with custom USB solution was from GHI Electronics, check the hardware section.