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Error: No assembly is found. Please specify at least one exe, dll, manifest, or pe file to load.

This usually happens when you create your own emulator and try to run it. However, which application should the emulator execute? If you want to run an application in your emulator, go to the project properties of the application, and on the Micro Framework tab, select your emulator in the Device combo box (Target must be set to Emulator). If you want to debug the emulator, follow these steps:

  1. Run your application in the emulator as described above.
  2. Watch the Output window and look for line starting Launching emulator...
  3. Copy everything after the "/waitfordebugger" up to, but excluding the last single quote.
  4. Go to the emulator's project properties and paste the text into the Command line arguments text box on Debug tab.
  5. Now you can run your emulator. It will load the application you specified.

How can I debug both emulator and .NET Micro Framework code at time?

Jens KühnerStart debugging a MF app with the desired emulator. Open the emulator project in another VS and attach debugging to the running emulator exe.

Steve Maillet That's not presently a supported scenario. At best you can set up the registry settings for the emulator to load the emulator into a separate VS instance for debugging (I'd look at JIT debugging setup but not sure if that is actually possible to do the way the emulator is launched) Even if you are successful in figuring that out you immediately face the problem of communication protocol timeouts with the managed code remote debugger. If you stop at a breakpoint in the emulator then you suspend the ability of the emulator process to respond to communications from the managed code remote debugger in VS, which will timeout and stop working. The problem of mixed managed/native debugging is a very complex one in the context of an interpreter and I don't expect to see support for that for quite a long time.