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What culture information is available in the .NET Micro Framework?

Jens Kühner The following culture relevant information is included and localizable:

How can I add additional cultures to the application? Only {en} and {} are returned from CultureInfo.GetCultures(CultureTypes.AllCultures)...

James Webster EN is the only supported culture at this time. Most of the CultureInfo code was removed or stubbed out. There has been some talk about adding support back in, but the fear is making the CLR larger. At this point our focus is making things smaller. It may be possible to add this functionality in the future as an optional feature if there is a demand for it. Considering our popularity in Europe and Asia, it doesn't sound that far fetched.

Actually you can add cultures by localizing the information mentioned above into resource file and including it in a satellite assembly. Jens Kühner describes this process in his book.

How can I change the system culture then?

You can use the static Microsoft.SPOT.ResourceUtility.SetCurrentUICulture method. Your setting will be automatically persisted using extended weak reference.