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Tiny Fonts

How can I create .NET Micro Framework compatible fonts from standard font files?

There is tool for it in the SDK, its name is TFConvert.exe and is located at \Program Files\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v2.0.3036\Tools\. This tool takes .fontdef text file and process the commands inside to create binary .tinyfnt. The tool is documented in the help, so you can find commands and syntax in the Document Explorer. Alternatively, if you don't like batch files, you can try the Tiny Font Tool GUI in Utilities.

How do I change the size of the font?

Once you have .tinyfnt file, you can't change thes size of the font it contains. The process of font converting involves changing the scalable, vector based TrueType or OpenType file into bitmap data. If you need to display another font size, you have to create another .tinyfnt file.

I am having troubles with fonts having space in name, what's up?

There is a bug in the documentation shipped, the face name should be without quotes. This works: SelectFont "WE:400,HE:10,FN:Arial Unicode MS"

Does .NET MF support other non-Latin char codes, e.g. Chinese, Japan, Korean?

Yes, you just need font having the characters you need, use it in the .tinyfont definition and import the appropriate range. However, be prepared, that the WPF on .NET Micro Framework supports the left to right direction text rendering only.