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Officially introduced on Februrary 26, 2008 by Jim Mateer at the beginning of Embedded World 2008 exhibition in Nuremberg. The biggest new features are TCP/IP supported directly by Microsoft and Device Profile for Web Services (see Windows Rally Technologies for details).

What else is new:

A new library for reading XML data. Aside from some supplementary classes contains the System.Xml.XmlTextReader, writer is not available. It is also not possible to have the whole document in memory (XmlDocument / XDocument) and due to memory constrains it probably won't be in near future.
A new library containg the only class - System.Xml.UTF8Decoder. This is very important to be able to convert stream of bytes into string, but I have a little remarks to the currennt implementation.
Fixed bug in System.Array.BinarySearch(Array, int, int, object, IComparer).
New attribute System.Runtime.CompilerServices.InternalsVisibleToAttribute.
Fixed bug in System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Send(byte[], int, int, SocketFlags) and System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Send(byte[], int, int, SocketFlags, EndPoint).
ushort Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SystemID.NetworkID added.


SP1 for version 2.0. Published on 9/17/2007, featuring:

and several customer-reported fixes. Unfortunately, I don't have the previous build anymore to do the assembly comparison.


Introduced on February 27, 2007 at Embedded World 2007 exhibition in Nuremberg. I believe this was the first version published.


Version 2.0 RC0, published in January 2007. Unfortunately, I don't have the previous build to do the assembly comparison.

If you know more info than written above or anything about previous builds I'd definitely love to hear it!

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